David Phelps

Every fan’s reason for hope at the MLB Trade Deadline

The Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is one of the most exciting days of my year. I’ve taken the day off from work in the past to keep an eye on deadline moves that would make or break teams’ seasons. Here’s a reason for fans of every team to have hope at the MLB Trade Deadline. The Buyers Houston Astros Reason for hope: The Astros are frontrunners with the throttle floored and no one in the rearview mirror. Making moves...

Wednesday, 12 July 2017
The Minnesota Twins need hard-to-get pitching

Last week I urged the Minnesota Twins front office to acquire pitching — any pitching — and not to wait too long in doing so. Well, here are five pitchers the Twins could target if they want to remain competitive this season, but most of them will cost something you might not like to lose. Pat Neshek Neshek is familiar to Twins fans, and his side-armed delivery should play well out of a Twins bullpen that can’t miss bats. He misses plenty...

Wednesday, 07 June 2017
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