While we don’t do commercial breaks at Foul Play-by-Play, there’s still plenty of opportunities to advertise during our shows. The beauty of a Foul Play-by-Play baseball broadcast is that every inning constitutes a different segment of the show and a different subject matter for the hosts’ discussion. Hence, a different advertisement.

Opening Innings

The first and second innings tend to be related to game day food and drink, so if you’re a bar that has an unknown menu that rocks, we can help get people in to try it. We work in some nutrition talk in the third inning, so if you’re a nutritionist or personal trainer, you could sponsor the third inning and give our listeners a reason to hire you.

“Survive the North Tip of the Fourth”

The fourth inning is a discussion of recreational equipment and survival tips, so if you own an outdoor recreation or sports store having a sale, let our listeners know by joining us for a discussion about recreating during the fourth inning.

“Plead the Fifth Inning”

The “Plead the Fifth Inning” is all about the law. If you’re a lawyer looking for a way to reach young people in need of your services, you can sponsor the fifth inning, and we’ll promote your business while talking about a law topic.

“Sexy Sixth Inning”

Sex, love, and relationship building is the topic of discussion during the “Sexy Sixth.” This inning is reserved for adult stores, relationship counselors, and love gurus. Whether you want to sell more sex toys to young people or help them preserve their relationships, the sixth inning is a great sponsorship for you.

“Seventh Inning Stretch”

During the “Seventh Inning Stretch” we offer listeners stretches and yoga poses that relieve pain or simply improve flexibility and overall health. If you own a yoga studio in the area of one of our broadcasts and are looking to increase memberships, sponsor the “Seventh Inning Stretch” by taking us through some poses and watch the new customers come through the door.

Closing Innings

We like to pitch a pint of beer during the ninth inning, but every inning is for sale as long as the product or service is helpful or entertaining to our listeners.

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