About Foul Play-by-Play

Foul Play-by-Play is a community of foul-mouthed, sports broadcasters. While old-school broadcasters like Bob Wolff think explicit content and swearing is unprofessional, this community thinks old-school broadcasting is exhaustively tired and could use an injection of real life. That’s what we talk about during our broadcasts: real life. We also offer helpful advice to better your marriage, work life, physical fitness, self esteem and simply help you survive. We do all this without taking one commercial break.

From left to right, Fuck Dick and Bert founders Bradley Haase, Anthony Varriano, and Michael Haase on Opening Day, 2015.

From left to right, Fuck Dick and Bert founders Bradley Haase, Anthony Varriano, and Michael Haase on Opening Day, 2015.

Foul Play-by-Play started as a joke amongst friends who grew tired of listening to Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven call Minnesota Twins games. They decided to create their own audio content in a garage during games. They were already in the same place watching and talking about the same things. Why not share those thoughts with others who’d rather mute Dick and Bert? So Fuck Dick and Bert was born in April of 2015 using karaoke equipment and a simple mixer hooked up to a laptop with free, live streaming audio software.

What was a joke is now a full-fledged effort to bring together like-minded individuals with the talent to call games in a more entertaining fashion than regional sports broadcasters. Boston, Chicago, New York, Detroit — we’re calling on you to give your fellow fans what they want and need.

The Foul Play-by-Play Mission

The Foul Play-by-Play mission is to provide dedicated fans in every market an alternative, audio broadcast that’s helpful and entertaining. Due to that mission, Foul Play-by-Play broadcasts require non-stop content with no commercial breaks — ever. If you need to piss, you take the listeners with you or find a color commentator to cover for you. Bob Wolff never took a piss break after all.

Fuck Dick and Bert Logo

The Fuck Dick and Bert logo that started it all in April of 2015.

At Foul Play-by-Play we incorporate advertising into the content of the show. If you’re already talking about products or services that will make your listeners’ lives easier, the entire broadcast is potentially advertising. What’s the point of commercial breaks if you’re talking about real life throughout the entire broadcast?

The length or pace of baseball games is not what’s driving young people away from the game. Old ass broadcasters are doing a fine job of pushing people away. Foul Play-by-Play aims to be a legitimate, audio alternative to tired, regional sports broadcasts.

You can help change the way fans consume and enjoy live sporting events. You’re already a dedicated fan and probably spend hours drooling over spreadsheets of A-ball, relief pitchers who throw wicked hard. With a little preparation prior to each game, you can put together a broadcast that’s more enjoyable than the alternative.

Foul Play-by-Play is here to get your show started and find advertisers to get you paid to do what you love. FoulPlaybyPlay.com will offer all your blog content and audio broadcasts to its target market: dedicated fans just like you. If you have an interest in starting a broadcast, use the contact form below to get in touch, and thanks for visiting FoulPlaybyPlay.com.

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