About Foul Play-by-Play

Foul Play-by-Play is a talk radio show providing play-by-play commentary on the week’s cheats, cheap shots, and alleged criminals in sports. It is hosted by longtime sportswriter and journalist Anthony Varriano and co-hosted by Michael Haase, attorney at law. We discuss the week’s law-related, sports stories, including segments like “Cheats of the Week,” during which we award the week’s worst cheaters, “Historical Foul Play,” an historical review of sports cheating, and “Statistically Significant Cheat,” an analysis of an athlete whose statistics indicate foul play.

From left to right, Fuck Dick and Bert founders Bradley Haase, Anthony Varriano, and Michael Haase on Opening Day, 2015.

From left to right, Fuck Dick and Bert founders Bradley Haase, Anthony Varriano, and Michael Haase on Opening Day, 2015.

Foul Play-by-Play started as a joke amongst friends who grew tired of listening to Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven call Minnesota Twins games. They decided to create their own audio content in a garage during games. They were already in the same place watching and talking about the same things. Why not share those thoughts with others who’d rather mute Dick and Bert? So Fuck Dick and Bert was born in April of 2015 using karaoke equipment and a simple mixer hooked up to a laptop with free, live streaming audio software.

What was a joke eventually evolved into a legitimate business plan for a sports, talk radio show investigating how the law affects sports and the sports law.

The Foul Play-by-Play Mission

The Foul Play-by-Play mission is to provide dedicated sports fans in every market a unique, informative, entertaining alternative to the typical sports, talk radio show. Our focus on the underbelly of professional sports is something you can’t get anywhere else.

Fuck Dick and Bert Logo

The Fuck Dick and Bert logo that started it all in April of 2015.

Foul Play-by-Play also strives to better inform its listeners of the law, and while the show does not provide legal advice, the more thorough understanding of the law our listeners receive is one reason why we do what we do. The other reason we do what we do is because we love sports and the law.

Foul Play-by-Play is your place for sports-law headlines, play-by-play commentary on crimes caught on video, historical and statistical reviews of cheats and cheating in sports, and genuine personalities providing unique entertainment.

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